Orthophotography is an aerial photo which can be used as a map to:

• Measure Distance • Calculate Area • Determine Shapes of Features • Calculate Directions • Determine GPS Coordinates • Perform Change Detection

Indiana's Statewide Map

Welcome to Indiana's statewide mapping portal! We are proud to serve our communities through a statewide mapping effort, which is integral to Indiana's economic development.

This streamlined effort not only helps keep and attract business in Indiana, it improves public safety while creating an economy of scale, making this a cost-effective approach to updating our imagery across the state. This portal serves as centralized site for state, city and county organizations as well as the public to access the imagery.

A new foundation for growth

Locating the Multitude of Benefits

By collecting imagery at 1' pixel resolution (4-band imagery) and United States Geological Survey (USGS) compliant LiDAR data for the entire state and making that data available for use by state, city and county organizations, this program eliminates independent efforts that cost significant time and money. Not only does this program create an economy of scale, it provides key decision-makers with real, verifiable information for such things as land use planning, emergency response, infrastructure improvements, natural resource management, and environmental conservation, among many others. All these things in turn support economic development.